What is Synchromesh Gearbox? Working Principle.


The modern vehicles use helical gears and synchronizing devices in the gearboxes, that synchronizes the rotation of the gears that are about to have meshed. This avoids clashing of the gears and makes gear shifting easier. The synchromesh gearbox is similar to constant mesh gearbox, but the synchromesh is provided with a synchromesh device by which two gears to be engaged are first brought into frictional touch which equalizes their speed after which they are engaged swimmingly. 
The synchromesh unit is not fitted to all the gears in most of the vehicles. They are fitted only on the top gears, Reverse gear, and in some cases, the first gear, do not have a synchromesh device since they are intended to be engaged when the vehicle is stationary. 

Synchromesh Gearbox
Synchromesh Gearbox

Working Principle

The figure shows a synchromesh gearbox. When the gear shift lever is operated, the synchronizer cone touches with a similar cone on the pinion. Due to friction, the rotating pinion is formed to rotate at a similar speed as the synchromesh unit. To give a positive drive the further movement of the gear lever enables the coupling to over-ride several spring-loaded balls and the coupling engages with the dogs on the ride of the pinion.

Because of both pinion and synchromesh units are moving at the equal speed, this engagement is done without any noise or damage to the dogs. A slight delay is necessary before engaging the dog teeth so that the cones have a chance to bring the synchronizer the pinion to the same speed.

Synchronizer Unit

History of Synchronizer Gear invention

The modern cone system was developed by Porsche and introduced within the 1952 Porsche 356; cone synchronizers were referred to as Porsche-type for several years when this. within the early 1950s, solely the second-third shift was system in most vehicles, requiring solely one system and a straightforward linkage; drivers’ manuals in vehicles urged that if the driver required to shift from second to first, it had been best to return to a whole stop then shift into 1st and begin up once more.

With continued sophistication of mechanical development, totally system transmissions with 3 speeds, then four, so 5, became universal by the Eighties. several fashionable manual-transmission vehicles, particularly sports cars, currently supply six speeds. The 2012 Porsche 911 offers a seven-speed manual transmission, with the seventh gear meant for cruising the high speed being earned on sixth.

Synchronizer Gear
Synchronizer Gear

Reverse gear is typically not a system, as there’s only one reverse gear within the traditional automobile. transmission and dynamical gears into reverse whereas moving isn’t required—and typically extremely undesirable, particularly at high forward speed. to boot, the same old methodology of providing reverse, with an idler gear sliding into place to bridge what would rather be 2 mismatched forward gears, is essentially the same as the operation of a crash box.

You can understand how the synchromesh unit works by the video below:

how the synchromesh unit works

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