What is Spur Gear Differential? Construction of spur gear differential.

What is Spur Gear Differential?

Differentials play a significant role in cars. With the event of manufacturing technology, the potential of a lightweight weight spur gear differential system is often rediscovered. Since the trend these days is to GO-GREEN by removing the load of automobile elements. Among many varieties of differential systems, spur gear differential system is straightforward to manufacture and straightforward operative, when to put next to different standard differential systems.

Spur gear differential system refers to a transmission, that receives input from a major mover (motor, I.C engine, etc) and distributes it among 2 outputs, permitting appropriate changes in their speed in line with the wants of the machine, utilizing a gear train mechanism that consists solely of spur gears. This paper deals with the look and producing method concerned within the elements of spur gear differential, the assembly of elements and dealing of the spur gear differential system are mentioned. additionally, to the current, its applications, benefits, and scope for improvement within the future are mentioned.

Spur Gear Differential
Spur Gear Differentials


The spur gear differentials have 2 equal-sized spur gears, one for every half-shaft, with an area between them. rather than the gear, additionally called a miter gear, assembly (the “spider”) at the center of the differentials, there’s a rotating carrier on a similar axis because of the 2 shafts. torsion from a major mover or transmission, like the driveshaft of an automobile, rotates this carrier.

Mounted during carrier unit one or additional pairs of identical pinion gears typically longer than their diameters, and generally smaller than the spur gears on the individual half-shafts. every pinion combine rotates freely on pins supported by the carrier. what is more, the pinion pairs area unit displaced axially, such they mesh just for the part of their length between the 2 spur gears, and rotate in opposite directions? The remaining length of a given pinion meshes with the nearer gear on its shaft. Therefore, every pinion couples that spur gear to the opposite pinion, and successively, the opposite spur gear, so once the drive shaft rotates the carrier, its relationship to the gears for the individual wheel axles is that the same as that in a very bevel-gear differential.

spur gear
spur gear

The spur gear differentials are made from 2 identical concentric planet gear trains assembled with one carrier such their planet gears area unit engaged. This forms a planet wheel train with a hard and fast carrier train magnitude relation R = -1.

You can watch the video below to understand the spur gear differentials operation:


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