What Is Semi-Floating Axle? Working Principle Of Semi-Floating Axle.


A Semi-floating axle has a bearing located on the axle and inside the axle casing. it has to support all the loads listed below.

  1. The total rear weight of the vehicle causing both bending and sharing action.
  2. side thrust on the wheels when cornering, which imposes bending load and an ending trust or a pull.
  3. Driving torque.
Bending and shearing of the rear axle
Bending and shearing of the rear axle

Therefore, it needs to be of a large size for the same torque output than any other type. The inner end of the axle is supported by the differential side gear. It thus carries the entire weight of the vehicle by the axle housing.


The outer end has to support the weight of the car and take end thrust. The inner end of the axle is splined to the differential side gear. The outer end is flanged So that the wheel can be directly bolted to it. In some designs, the hub of the wheel is keyed to the outer end of the axle. The vehicle load is transmitted to the axle through the casing and the bearing, which causes the bending or shearing of the axle.

Semi-floating axles
Semi-floating axles

Working Principle

The semi-floating axle is the simplest and cheapest of all other types and widely used on cars. A semi-floating axle is extremely common on the rear of most 4x4s. It consists of AN axle shaft on either side that’s splined on the inner finish wherever it mates to the differential and contains a wheel projection wherever the wheel studs mount at the opposite finish. This assembly usually mates to the top of the axle housing victimization some kind of projection arrangement. The axle shaft additionally rides on an oversized roller or bearing out at the top of the axle housing.

The axle shaft in a very semi-floating assembly serves 2 functions. First, it attaches to the wheel and is employed to support the burden of the vehicle and its consignment. Second, the axle shaft should transmit the motion torsion from the differential bent on the wheel.

Semi-floating axles
Semi-floating axles

To understand the difference between a semi-floating axle and full-floating axle watch the video below:

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