What is the rear axle shaft? Types of the rear axle, Rear Axle Assembly.


The rear axle is a part of the vehicle, which transmits power from Differential to driving wheels. Usually, the axle fitted in a rear part of the vehicle is called the rear axles.

it is clear from the construction of the differential that the rear axle is not a single piece but it is in 2 halves connected by the differential, one part is known as a half shaft or axle. The inner end of the half shaft is connected to the sun gear of differential and the outer end to the driving wheel.

rear axle
rear axles

In rear wheel drive vehicles, the rear wheels are driving wheels, whereas, in front wheel drive vehicles, the front wheels are driving wheels. Almost all rear axles on modern passenger cars are live axles, that is, they revolve with the wheels. Dead axles simply remain stationary, do not move with wheels. A housing completely encloses the rear axles and the differential, protecting them from water, dust, and injury, in addition to mounting their inner bearings and providing a container for the lubricant.

rear axle
rear axles

There square measure many basic rear axles utilized in 4x4s, and everyone has specific style execs and cons. axle styles will vary in load handling, bearing and projection sort, and gear configuration. during this article, we’ll take a glance at rear axles and discuss the advantages of varied styles.

SEMI-FLOATER vs. FULL-FLOATER There square measure 2 styles of rear axles found on light 4x4s: semi-floating and full-floating. everyone has its benefits and downsides.

Types of Rear Axles:

  1. Full floating axle.
  2. Semi-floating axle.
  3. Three quarter floating axle.


Emmbros Rear and Front Axles are propellant trucks and 4 wheel drives down the highways, back roads and rough piece of land of the globe for quite a decade. factory-made by victimization the best material like SAE 4340, 4140, 1541, etc; Emmbros axles provide superior strength and sturdiness so providing higher price over the lifetime of the vehicle. Emmbros’ mission is to adopt new and developing technology to drive axle applications, delivering the best quality performance axles within the business. Emmbros uses cold spline rolling technology, that is most popular by the globe these days as rolled splines ar thirty fifth stronger than the cut splines.

rear axle
rear axles
Listed below are the Properties of the Rear axle shafts:
  1. Resistance against abrasion
  2. Longer service life
  3. Durable finish
  4. Precise design

To understand practically watch the animation video of Rear Axle Shafts Assembly.

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