What is Front Differential? Front Differential Issues and symptoms.


In simple words, the front differential is the differential placed on the front part of the vehicle. That is in between the front axle (or between two half shafts).
Whether or not your automobile has one or two differentials depends on however the wheels of your vehicle area unit high-powered. If you’ve got a rear-wheel drive vehicle your automotive uses engine power to maneuver solely the rear wheels, therefore you’ll solely have one differential mounted on the rear axle. If you’ve got associate degree all-wheel or four-wheeled drive vehicle your automotive is constructed during a manner that enables the engine to send power to all or any four wheels, therefore you’ll have each a front differential and rear differential. If you’ve got a front-wheel drive vehicle, rather than a differential you’ll doubtless have a transaxle that functions as each the transmission and therefore the differential. Rear wheel drive vehicles can have a differential within the posterior of the automotive.

Front Differential
Front Differential


Inside your differential, you’ll notice ample interlinking gears and bearings. These gears all trust one another and material referred to as differential fluid to stay the differential transferring power swimmingly and seamlessly. Front differential, rear differential and restricted slip differential (LSD) all need gear oil to lubricate and keep the differential drive elements cool.


If one amongst the bearings in your differential becomes loose, or if the skinny differential fluid is inflicting metal on metal grinding and untimely wear you may expertise the subsequent symptoms:

  1. A whirring noise either whereas decelerating or at speeds that exceed fifteen mph.
  2. A rumbling sound that starts once the automotive is traveling quicker than fifteen mph.
  3. A persistent clunking sound.
  4. A high pitched howling sound throughout acceleration.
  5. A banging or skipping once cornering.
If you’re experiencing any of those symptoms it’s an honest indication that you simply could have already got a retardant, or area unit well on your thanks to having a retardant together with your car’s differential. For this reason, we tend to suggest you bring your vehicle into your neighborhood Firestone Complete motorcar Care store for entire Vehicle scrutiny as before long as potential. throughout entire Vehicle scrutiny, our tire and automotive service professionals examine your steering and suspension elements, together with the differential.
Front Differential
Front Differential

How usually ought to I are available in for differential service?

Since your vehicle cannot perform while not a differential, we tend to extremely suggest obtaining your differential inspected, and therefore the differential fluid modified, as a section of your regular vehicle maintenance routine.
How usually differential service is needed can vary from automotive to automotive supported vehicle create, model and mileage.

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