What is Differential Back Cover?

Differential Cover

Front and rear differential covers bring performance and protection to your diesel or gas truck’s front and back. The metallic drain plug helps to catch any loose particles, protective your gears. These are created out of sturdy solid Al with strengthened ribs for optimum strength. aFe Power’s rear differential cover helps defend against heat once towing by adding extra fluid capability. The constitutional internal or external fins transfer heat from the fluid to the skin air for optimum cooling.

differential cover
differential covers

Manufacturing Details

  1. External and Internal cooling fins.
  2. Magnetic drain plug of Neodymium.
  3. Reinforced Ribs.

Key Features:

  1. Additional housing strength helps keep the ring & pinion gears meshing on the flat faces of the teeth, greatly increasing ring & pinion life and overall most load strength.
  2. Top-quality, high power Nd-magnets are utilized in each the drain plug and also the gauge to gather silver wear particles because of the vehicle moves.
  3. Unique dipstick/filler cap style permits the differential oil level to be adjusted for bespoke high driveline angles.
  4. Prolonged carrier bearing life because of additional support to the bearing alignment Approach/departure angle optimized by angulate exterior surfaces.
differential cover
differential covers

For more information watch the video below:

Differential Cover Analysis

To know what happens behind your differential cover watch the video below:

Behind your Differential Cover


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