What is Drop Axle or Air Lift Axle? Use Of Drop/Lift axle in DumpTruck.

Lift axle Or Drop axle:

An airlift axle or drop axle is a type of axle used by the driver that is lowered to extend the weight capacity, or to distribute the weight of the merchandise over a lot of wheels.

As an example to cross a weight-restricted bridge. once not required, the shaft is upraised off the bottom to avoid wasting wear on the tires and axle, and to increase traction within the remaining wheels.

A dump truck with an airlift pusher axle, shown within the raised position
See also: Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula Some dump trucks and trailers are also organized with a lift axle (also referred to as an airlift axle), which can be automatically raised or lowered.

Air Lift Axle or Drop axle
Air Lift Axle or Drop axles

Lifting an axle additionally alleviates lateral scrub off the extra axle in terribly tight turns, permitting the vehicle to show a lot of pronto. In some things, the removal of pressure from the extra shaft is critical for the vehicle to finish a turn at all.

Several manufacturers provide computer-controlled airlift, in order that the dead axles area unit mechanically lowered once the most axle reaches its weight limit. The dead axles will still be praised by the press of a button if required, for higher mobility.

Drop Axle Kit

Product description:

Replaces Stock Front Axle with Drop Axles Design and also Lengthens Wheelbase.
Easy Installation: This is a Bolt-on Kit, No Cutting or Welding!


  1. Color: Black
  2. Material: Steel
  3. Proof Load: 85000psi
  4. Yield Strength: Min 92000psi
  5. Tensile Strength: 120000psi
  6. Position: Front and Rear Lift
  7. Brand: Krator
Air Lift Axle or Drop axle kit
Air Lift Axle or Drop axle kit

Lift axles were in use within the early Forties. Initially, the shaft was upraised by a robot. presently fluid mechanics replaced the mechanical raise system. one in each of the first makers was Zetterberg, placed in Östervåla, Sweden. Their complete was Zeta-left.

The liftable bicycle-built-for-two drive axle was fancied in 1957 by the Finnish truck manufacturer Vanajan Autotehdas, a corporation sharing history with Sisu auto.

You can watch how the Air Lift axle/Drop Axle works?

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