What is a three quarter floating axle? Construction and operation of three quarter floating axle.


The three quarter floating axle has a bearing located between the hub and the axle casing. Thus the weight of the vehicle is transferred to the axle casing, and only the side thrust and driving torque are taken by the axle.


The axle is keyed rigidly to the hub, thus providing the driving connection and maintaining the alignment of the wheel. The inner end of the axle has the same construction as that of the semi-floating axle.


three quarter floating axle
three quarter floating axles

Although the three quarter floating axle is more reliable but it is not as simple as the semi-floating axle.

The fractional floating axle was additionally used on some earlier industrial vehicles. The bearing supporting the outer finish of the axle shaft is emotional from within the shaft housing to the skin. This technique of mounting the axles places most of the load of the vehicle on the ends of the axle housing instead of the ends of the shaft shafts. The wheel is solidly keyed to a taper on the top of the axle shaftthus side-thrust remains taken by the axle shaft because the vehicle turns or skids.


three quarter floating axle
three quarter floating axles

To know three quarter floating axle along with all type of rear axle watch the video below:

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