What is a Stub Axle? Types of stub axles, Lamoine Stub Axle.

What is Stub axle

A stub axle is a short form of the axle that supports one side to the wheel and the other side to the front axle and is capable of an angular moment with the help of a kingpin so that it can achieve the vehicle’s directional movement.

Stub Axle and Hub

The front wheels are mounted on the stub axle which is connected to the front axle by means of kingpins. The Stub axles are the producing of 3% Nickel steel and compound Steels containing chromium and Molybdenum.

The Stub axle turns on the kingpin which is a light drive fit in the axle beam eye located and locked by a tapper cotter pin or some similar arrangement. phosphor bronze bushes are fitted into the forked end of the axle to provide a bearing surface on the kingpin. Vertical loads are taken by a steel washer or a thrust bearing located either on the top fork of the stub axle or between the lower fork and the underside of the axle beam.

Rear Stub axles
Rear Stub axles

There are 4 types of stub axles:

1. Elliot
2. Reversed Elliot
3. Lamoine
4. Reversed Lamoine

Elliot Stub Axles

The Elliot stub axle is a type of stub axle that attaches to the front axle by placing it in in the Yoke end with kingpin and cotter to the join the two together.

Elliot stub axles
Elliot stub axle

Reversed Elliot Stub Axles

The reversed Elliot stub axle is just opposite of Elliot stub axle in which the stub axle end looks like a C section or a socket arrangement which is connected to the end of the front axle with the help of kingpin.

reversed Elliot stub axles
reversed Elliot stub axle


  1. Made with high-strength alloy and heat-treated for further sturdiness.
  2. Great for your daily driver or heavy cross-country performance.
  3. Includes a 1-year warrant to hide manufacturer defects.
  4. Available in a very wide array of sizes to suit your application.
  5. You can see the arrangement from the figure below.

Lamoine Stub Axle

The Lamoine type stub axle is a type of arrangement in which Instead of yoke type hinge, L- the shaped spindle is used. You can see the arrangement below.

Lamoine Stub Axles
Lamoine Stub Axle

Reversed Lamoine Stub Axle

In this type of stub axle, the L-shaped spindle is used on the top position of front axle end and hinged to it. It is just the opposite of the arrangement in Lamoine type stub axle.

Reversed Lamoine Stub Axles
Reversed Lamoine Stub Axle

Heavy Duty Stub Axles

This is the foremost complete kit to upgrade your front axles and hubs for the Triumph TR3 (With Girling Brakes), Triumph TR4, Triumph TR4A, Triumph TR250, and Triumph TR6. This kit includes all the hardware you’ll like. New Alloy front hubs machined for outsized serious duty wheel bearings, new outsized heavy duty wheel bearings, fashionable wheel bearing seals, heavy Duty Stub Axles, shims, castle nuts, and cotter.

With the upgraded hubs and spindle it’ll eliminate spindle flex that causes the brake pad to obstruct. created within the GB for a correct and consistent match. necessary Note ****Also with this kit fashionable rubber axle seals area unit used that eliminates the necessity for the dust cap.****

Trailer Stub Axle and Hub


3,500 lb. the straight trailer axle assembly includes axle tube with spindles, castle barmy and cotter pins, flanges for mounting drum or disc brakes (not included), forged iron five on 4½” hubs with bearings, seals, grease caps and lug barmy, double eye leaf springs with U-bolts, barmy and tie plates. shaft tube is 2-3/8″ diameter x 3/16″ wall spherical conduit. an axle is equipped spring seats connected for mounting springs within the beneath slung (springs under axle) position. Axles area unit factory-made with a small camber (arch) and should be mounted with the arch at the highest of the axle.

trailer Stub axles
trailer Stub axles

Trailer Stub Axle Assembly

Whenever you switch the steering wheel, the front wheels conjointly move to bound angles so the vehicle will amendment its direction. And if you do not wish any issues along with your ride’s handling and management, you have got to take care of this type of harmony between such elements. however generally, one in all the front wheels might act a touch strange that may cause troubles to your driving.

And once that happens, a foul Stub axle is usually the wrongdoer. Since this part carries the entire weight of 1 of the vehicle’s front wheel, it might impose a lot of drivability problems if it goes right down to deterioration. Now, the logical issue to try and do is to quickly acquire a top quality replacement so it will not get any worse. associate aftermarket Stub axle will certainly offer an equivalent top-notch performance as your factory-installed part. apart from this, it conjointly boasts most sturdiness since it’s made from top-grade raw materials.

By doing this, you’ll guarantee that you simply will not be creating an equivalent replacement within the close to future. in addition, this half is custom-designed to match your vehicle’s actual specifications. That aforementioned {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} make sure that it can directly replace your stock half.

This conjointly makes its installation easier even for a non-professional mechanic such as you. thus to continue the harmony between your vehicle’s handwheel and front wheels, you wish to switch your faulty Stub shaft. And if you are finding out a top-grade product, you’ll catch on here at machine elements Warehouse today.

Trailer Stub Axle Kit

The trailer stub axle kit includes the following parts:
  • 2 x 3500 pound idler hub, 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern (code blue)
  • 10 x Lug Nuts
  • 2 x 1.98″ Dust cap
  • 2 x L44649 Bearing
  • 2 x L68149 Bearing
  • 2 x 10-19 Seal
  • 2 x SP-20084NWC Spindle
  • 2 x 1″ Axle Nut
  • 2 x 1″ spindle washer

Torsion Stub Axle

The Tie Down fast modification Torsion Arm permits you to simply install, replace and accommodates get the right angle on your multi-adjustable torsion shaft. Accepts 1-3/8″ x 1-1/16″ bearings and up to ten x 2-1/4″ four-hole backing plates. Weight rating is three,750 lbs. per pair. Spindle arm includes a mounting bolt and pre-put in zerk fitting. (Sold as a pair) The splined gap is one.45″.

Each spindle is turned from high tensile, cold rolled steel and 100% internal control checked for accuracy. to be used with Tie Down Engineering’s agent Torsion Axles that use removable spindles. The pre-drilled shaft is often regenerate to a ‘Super Lube’ vogue spindle with the addition of a grease zerk fitting. Includes standardized stainless-steel Sleeve for grease seal surface (Dimension ‘E’ ).
NOTE: needs torsion arm mounting nut, washer and additionally hub mounting hardware (not included).

Finding the Proper Rear Stub axle

Stub axles square measure like freelance suspensions on sports cars, permitting every wheel assembly to maneuver severally. These axles square measure integral elements of the suspension, giving it the liberty to maneuver freely.

For cars or trucks, a stub axle improves their braking characteristics and cornering, particularly once driving on slippery roads. Stub axles square measure vulnerable to wear and tear since they’re a part of the suspension. depending on the vehicle owner’s driving habits, a stub axle’s lifetime may be shortened. Here square measure a few tips about the way to select the proper stub axle for your vehicle.

Welded or brand new?

Some automobile enthusiasts like welding their broken stub axles to avoid wasting cash. Well, in some cases this can be a decent plan. However, since stub axles bear a great deal of pressure particularly once the wheels flip, it will simply break off, and do a lot of injuries.

The welded or repair stub will fail because of the strain and pull from the wheel. a great deal of aftermarket bolt-on stub axles square measure out there within the market nowadays, creating it easier to get a brand new one. continuously consider your safety and dish out a number of bucks for a stronger half for your car.

Materials and fit

Some of the materials accustomed forged these stub axles square measure “Chromoly”, cast iron, metallic element alloy, and steel. Chromoly, steel, and metallic element alloy square measure the foremost sturdy and reliable of all the materials. forged iron is porous and it simply deteriorates as time goes by. steel is that the strongest and it will stand up to the strain, or pressure whereas driving.

The fit is incredibly vital once shopping for a replacement stub axle. It should be compatible along with your vehicle’s create and model. ne’er select one thing but excellent, your life depends thereon.

Suspension Maintenance: substitution a Stub axle

Stub axles work sort of a sports car’s freelance suspension, permitting every wheel and tire assembly to maneuver severally. It helps the vehicle whereas cornering and braking on slippery roads. once your stub shaft wears out, it’ll have an effect on your vehicle’s performance. substitution it’s a difficult job however it may be tired of your own garage. we tend to list the steps, reminders, and tools that you simply got to assist you to replace your vehicle’s stub axle.

Tools that you will Need:

  1. Pry bar
  2. Solvent
  3. Adapter
  4. Carjack
  5. Socket set
  6. Wrench set
  7. Lug wrench
  8. Grease seal
  9. Carjack stands
  10. A will of grease
  11. Slide hammer
  12. Bearings (sealed-type)

Brand new stub axle replacement elements Tips:

Use a puller to get rid of the outer bearing from the stub shaft. to get rid of the lower arm’s lower bearing and grease seal, use a length of pipe of the correct diameter.

For cars with rear disc brakes, ne’er let the brake caliper suspend by its hose. you’ll either use a wire to lock it or let it rest on a suspension member.

Make sure that you are acting on a solid, level surface, and interact the parking brakes. Place wheel chocks at the vehicle’s rear wheels.

Always use new seal bearings and a grease seal once putting in substitution your car’s stub axle. see your vehicle owner’s manual for the half variety before getting the replacement elements.

Step 1: Use a wrench to loosen the vehicle’s front wheels. Place the automobile jack beneath the vehicle and elevate it off the bottom.

Step 2: Unfasten the wheel’s lug dotty and take away the wheels. Next, take away the 0.5 shafts to access the disc brakes.

Step 2-A: If your automobile includes a rear disk brake, unfasten the bolts holding the brake caliper and move it aside. Then, take away the brake disc. For cars with drum brakes, take away the drum.

Step 3: Removing the stub shaft nut needs a good deal of force. Use a crowbar to firmly hold on the sub-shaft from the skin, whereas employing a wrench to get rid of the nut from the shaft facet.

Step 4: Use a slide hammer and adapter to get rid of the stub shaft and outer wheel bearing. Detach the companion rim from the lower arm. take away the inner bearing and grease seal from the lower arm. Discard them since they’re going to get replaced with new elements. Use solvent to scrub all the elements to be reused.

Step 5: Install the new bearings and check that that its sealed facet is facing out. The outer bearing’s sealed facet should face the wheel, whereas inner bearing’s sealed side should face the differential. Apply pressure on the outer bearing once pressing it onto the stub axle.

Step 6: Install a brand new spacer on the stub axle, and check that that it’s an equivalent marking because of the bearing housing. Next, install the stub axle into the vehicle’s lower arm.

Step 7: With the stub axle currently in situ, insert the new inner bearing into the lower arm. don’t forget to put in the new grease seal.

Step 8: Connect the companion rim onto the stub axle.

Step 9: Fasten the stub axle nut and use a wrench to torsion it to 181-239 lb-ft.

Step 10: Install the drum or brake disc, brake caliper, and therefore the vehicle’s half shaft. check that that each one these elements square measure secured.

Step 11: Install the wheel, take away the automobile jack stands, and lower the vehicle to the bottom.

Changing a stub shaft can take regarding one hour associated quarter-hour for a skilled DIYer, and around one hour and half-hour for a beginner. Take some time once acting on your vehicle’s wheels. Stay safe!

You can watch the video below to see the stub axles changing in a vehicle

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