What is a Half shaft or Drive Axle? Replacing of a half shaft or Drive Axle.

What is a Half shaft or Drive Axle?

half shaft is basically a drive axle, and it’s therefore named as a result of it will half the task, extending from a transaxle or differential to at least one of the wheels. Its twin on the opposite facet completes the set.

Because they’re merely shafts, half shafts age well, however, the joints that connect them on either finish in independent suspension vehicles are subject to important wear. the foremost prudent maintenance for these systems is to keep up the integrity of the CV joint boots, that are rubber sleeves around the constant velocity joints. The boots keep the grease in and rubbish out. A torn or missing boot permits for accelerated wear.

The half shaft or Drive Axle
The half shaft or Drive Axle

Checking the half shaft

Half shafts, otherwise called axle shafts, are fitted in rear-wheel-drive cars solely. they offer comparatively very little trouble throughout normal driving, though they’re extremely stressed components.
The inner end of the shaft is supported and driven by the differential, and also the outer finish is supported in bearings between shafts and axle housing.
These bearings have either built-in or separate oil seals. The bearings will be ball bearings, taper roller bearings(both with inner races), or straight roller bearings which use the axle shaft because of the inner race.
When a half shaft fails, the rear wheels cannot be driven.
The main symptoms of a worn half shaft ar a knock or clunk once accelerating or decelerating. The cause is wear and excessive play between the shaft and differential splines.

The half shaft or Drive Axle
The half shaft or Drive Axle

However, equivalent symptoms will be caused if the crown wheel and pinion gears within the differential don’t seem to be meshing properly, the drive-pinion flange splines are worn, or the drive-flange bolts are loose.
If you’re unsure of the noise source, consult a garage. Special tools are required to check wear, referred to as backlash, in such elements because of the crown wheel and pinion.

Oil run, particularly oil seeping from the top of the shaft casing and on to the brakes, is caused by the oil-seal failure. The half shaft should be removed and also the seal replaced.

You can watch the replacing of a half shaft below:

What is Drive Axle?

An axle that’s driven by the engine or causal agent is named a drive axle.
Modern front-wheel-drive cars usually mix the transmission (gearbox and differential) and front axle into one unit referred to as a transaxle. The drive shaft may be a split axle with a differential and universal joints between the 2 0.5 axles. every 0.5 axle connects to the wheel by use of a relentless rate (CV) joint that permits the wheel assembly to maneuver freely vertically further on pivot once creating turns.

The half shaft or Drive Axle
The half shaft or Drive Axle

In rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks, the engine turns a rotating shaft (also referred to as a propeller shaft or tail shaft) that transmits motility force to a drive shaft at the rear of the vehicle. The drive shaft could also be a live axle, however trendy rear wheel drive vehicles typically use a split shaft with a differential. during this case, one half-axle or half-shaft connects the differential with the left rear wheel, a second half-shaft will a similar with the proper rear wheel; so the 2 half-axles and also the differential represents the rear axle.

Some straightforward vehicle styles, like leisure go-karts, might have one driven wheel wherever the drive axle may be a split axle with just one of the 2 shafts driven by the engine, as an alternative have each wheel connected to at least one shaft without a differential (kart racing). However, alternative go-karts have 2 rear drive wheels too.

The half shaft or Drive Axle
The half shaft or Drive Axle

Watch the video below for more practical experience of Drive Axle:

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