What is a full-floating axle? Dana 60 Full Float Axle, Ford Off Roader Full Floater rear end axle.


A full floating axle has two ball bearings, located between the axle casing and the wheel hub having a deep groove. The outer of the is made flanged to which the wheel hub is bolted. The axle is not supported by bearings at either end, and its position is maintained by the way that it is supported at both ends.

Thus, the axle is relieved of all strains caused by the weight of the vehicle on end thrust. It transmits only the driving torque. For this reason, it is called full floating.

full floating axle
full floating axle

By removing the nuts only, we can remove the axle without disturbing the wheel. An additional advantage of this design is the ability to the vehicle even if it has a broken axle. This type of axle is more expensive and heavier than the other axles. It is usually fitted on commercial vehicles.


A full-floating axle is often found on the rear of some 4x4s, however, it’s usually reserved for vehicles that are designed for severe duty or are meant to hold significant masses. this sort of axle uses associate axle shaft on all sides that’s merely splined at each finish or splined on the inner finish and encompasses a drive rim on the outer end. The shaft mates to the differential within the same means as a semi-floater. However, the outer finish of the shaft differs. Here, the splined finish of the shaft slides into a lockup hub or an enclosed splined steel drive plate that bolts to a hub cap, like what’s found on a front axle. In some cases, the drive rim is also a part of the shaft itself. In either case, the axle shaft is allowed to float within the system.


For a full-floater system, the axle shaft solely serves to transmit the motion force from the differential intent on the wheel. It doesn’t carry the load of the vehicle as a semi-floater will.

On a full floater, a spindle is connected to the outer finish of the axle housing. The hub’s cap is connected to the current spindle and rides on tapered roller bearings. it’s this assembly that carries the vehicle weight. As such, a full-floating shaft system is significantly stronger than the associate equivalently sized semi-floating system.
For those of you United Nations agency carry significant massesthis suggests your shaft load capability is greatly augmented with a full-floater. Load ratings for similar vehicles with the 2 totally different|completely different} axles are typically considerably different. If you are doing hard-core ‘wheeling on massive tires, a full-floater means your shaft shafts may handle way more loading than an identical semi-floater might as a result of it currently should solely handle force loading.

full floating axle.
full floating axle.

Further benefits of a full-floater embody having the ability to get rid of a broken axle shaft, nevertheless still have the flexibility to stay a practical rolling tire on it corner of the vehicle. this may be done since the wheel truly bolts to the hub that rides on the spindle connected to the shaft housing. If the axle has manual lockup hubs, it’s going to be potential to unlock the rear hubs for towing a disabled vehicle on the path or for flat towing over the road.

It is currently potential to convert some semi-floater rear axles to full-floaters victimization aftermarket kits. These kits enable the associate owner to simply upgrade the axle shaft strength of his shaft. However, such a kit doesn’t-upgrade the differential assembly, thus axles with this portion as a weak link wouldn’t profit abundantly from such a conversion.

Dana 60 Full Float Axle

The Dana/Spicer Model sixty is Associate in Nursing automotive axle factory-made by Dana Holding Corporation and utilized in OEM pickup and restricted carriage applications by Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ford, and Land Rover. There area unit front and rear versions of the Dana 60. It will be promptly known by its straight axle tubes, ten bolt asymmetrical cowl, and a “60” forged into the housing. Gross axle weight rating area unit typically down by the vehicle manufacturer for safety and tire reasons. they’re conjointly down to cut back hundreds on alternative powertrain elements like transmissions and transfer cases. Dana sixty Axles are progressively swapped into several custom offroad applications to accommodate larger tires and deep compound geartrain with protection differentials.

full floating axle
full floating axle

The Dana sixty complete bolt in axle assembly may be an excellent upgrade for the hardcore cross-country enthusiast. do not waste cash on your Dana forty-four or Dana 35 solely to seek out you would like to upgrade once more.

  1. Confidence in having a nine.75 Ring Gear.
  2. Full-Float for larger tire sizes and greater motors.
  3. 35 spline Chromoly shafts – the upgraded shafts come back commonplace.

Base axle Includes:

  1. Brand New Dana sixty Housing.
  2. 2 – thirty-five Spline Chromoly Shafts.
  3. 8×6.5 Bolt Pattern.
  4. Disc brakes with E-brake compatibility to your current auto.

9 inch Ford Off Roader Full Floater rear end axle Kit(thirty-five Spline)

Schreiner Enterprises Ford nine in. Floater ass Kits square measure nice for cross-country and sports applications like PRERUNNER, BITD, WSORR, CORR, AND OUTLAW. Kits work nicely for upgrades from stock on Trucks. Gears and different choices square measure on the market. it Includes:

  1. Hubs
  2. Drive Plates
  3. Snouts
  4. axle Caps
  5. Rotors – eleven.5″ Diameter
  6. Bearings
  7. Lock loony
  8. Seals
  9. Races
  10. Wheel Studs – 5/8″
  11. Screws enclosed
  12. Bolt Pattern 5×5.5 or 6×5.5
To understand the working condition of full floating axle watches the animation video below:

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