What are the Japanese cars brand Names? Complete Information About Japanese Cars.

Japanese Cars Brand Names – List And Logos.

The automotive business in Japan is one of the foremost outstanding and largest industries(Japanese Cars) within the world. Japan has been within the high 3 of the countries with most cars factory-made since the Sixties, surpassing Deutschland. The automotive business in Japan speedily enlarged from the 1970s to the 1990s (when it had been destined each for domestic use and worldwide export) and within the Eighties and Nineteen Nineties, overtook the U.S. because of the production leader with up to 13 million cars annually factory-made and vital exports. when huge ramp-up by China within the 2000s and unsteady U.S. output, Japan is currently presenting the third largest automotive producer within the world with Associate in Nursing annual production of nine.9 million vehicles in 2012. Japanese investments helped grow the machine business in several countries throughout a previous couple of decades.

Japanese zaibatsu (business conglomerates) began building their initial vehicles within the middle the to late 1910s. the businesses went concerning this by either planning their own trucks (the marketplace for traveler vehicles in Japan at the time was small) or partnering with an EU complete to provide and sell their cars in Japan underneath license. Such samples of this area unit Isuzu partnering with Wolseley Motors (UK), Nisan partnering with British maker state capital, and also the Mitsubishi Model A, that was primarily based upon the Fiat Tipo 3. The demand for domestic trucks was greatly enlarged by the Japanese military buildup before war II, inflicting several Japanese makers to interrupt out of their shells and style their own vehicles. within the 1970s Japan was the pioneer in robotics producing of vehicles.

The country is home to a variety of corporations that manufacture Japanese cars, construction vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, and engines. Japanese automotive makers embody Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Mitsuoka.

Cars designed in Japan have won the EU automobile of the Year, International automobile of the Year, and World automobile of the Year awards persistently. Japanese vehicles have had worldwide influence, and not have the stigma that they had within the Nineteen Fifties and Sixties after they initial emerged internationally.

The top quality of Japanese cars has managed to position them high among high cars worldwide. the large names of Japanese automotive corporations that became legendary embrace Toyota, Honda, and Mazda that have conquered drivers’ hearts at a world level. Newer, costlier makes embrace the luxurious Lexus and stylish Infiniti. you may realize the names, logos, and photos of all Japanese automotive brands during this list. Continue reading to envision all makes categorized into hottest, alternative active and defunct automakers of Japan.

Their innovative style, top-notch performance and therefore the spectacular market approach all stand as proof to Japan’s domination at associate degree economic level. Whoever has owned a Toyota or a Honda is aware of that quality is below no circumstance a product of selling, and this is often why most of the JDM automobile makers with success vie with European or Yankee auto tycoons.

Japanese Cars corporation TOYOTA


Years: 1937 – Present.

Headquarters: Toyota, Aichi, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Kiichiro Toyoda

Website: https://www.toyota-global.com/

More Information: Toyota brand, History and Models

In 2014, Toyota celebrated its seventy-fifth day. In spite of not being a manufacturer as previous because the historically European ones, Toyota remains one amongst the simplest manufacturer within the world, celebrity for the standard of its vehicles and therefore the safety of the rides it provides. They manage to take care of a recent, innovative approach to automotive producing because it comes with new ideas per annum. the most recent one regards machine-controlled safety, created attainable within the USA via the AHDA (Automated route Driving Assist).

Toyota SUV.
The Insurance Institute for route Safety awarded the Prius, the Camry and therefore the Highlander the “Top Safety Pick” prize within the USA in 2014.

LEXUS(Japanese cars)

japanese vehicles, Lexus.
Lexus Logo

Years: 1989 – Present

Headquarters: Nagoya, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Eiji Toyoda

Website: http://www.lexus-int.com/

More Information: Lexus brand, History and Models

The Toyota equivalent of Nissan’s Infiniti, Lexus has attracted international acclaim with its latest models. Ever since the apparition of the L400 in 1989, Lexus managed to divest the domination of Honda’s Acura within the USA.

Lexus 2 Door motorcar
Lexus 2 Door motorcar

With a style bearing virtually no alikeness to the mother company, Lexus obligatory itself among the highest luxury automotive makes worldwide. In 2007, the automotive had already entered an additional fifty countries and continues to grow ceaselessly.


Suzuki brand Logo
Suzuki brand

Suzuki brand

Years: 1909 – present

Headquarters: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Michio Suzuki

Website: http://www.globalsuzuki.com/

More Information: Suzuki brand, History and Models

Initially celebrated for its motorcycles, this automaker of Japan managed to accumulate tenth place among automakers worldwide in 2011.

Suzuki brand car
Suzuki sedan.

Manufactured vehicles comprise vehicles, ATVs, outboard marine engines and, of course, motorcycles. All of them square measure made within the thirty-five facilities placed in twenty-three countries.


Mazda Logo.
Mazda Logo

Years: 1915 – present

Headquarters: 3-1 Chome, Fuchu, Aki, Hiroshima, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Ford Motor Company

Website: http://www.mazda.com/

More Information: Mazda brand, History and Models

One of the older automobile producing corporations from Japan, Mazda origins initiate the start of the twentieth century. a vital producer at a world level (3 million units of the Mazda three model in 2011), they manage to manufacture most of its vehicles within its national facilities.

Between 1979 and 2010, the Japanese automaker partnered with Ford, that eventually light-emitting diode the corporate to develop supplementary distinct divisions, like the Autozam, the Efini, the Eunos and therefore the Xedos.

Mazda Luxury car.
Mazda Luxury car.
japanese cars, Mazda car interior.
Mazda car interior.

The sports automotive class in Japan is additionally well diagrammatic by Mazda: the MX-5 managed to beat the “world’s popular sports car” title, absolutely acknowledged even by TopGear.


japanese vehicles, Honda Logo.
Honda Logo.

Years: 1946 –present

Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Soichiro Honda, Takeo Fujisawa

Website: http://world.honda.com/

More Information: Honda brand, History and Models

This Japanese automotive maker launched as a 2-cycle bike engine producer, to become a universally-renowned automobile and therefore the world’s largest bike manufacturer.

japanese cars, Honda car interior.
 Honda car interior.
japanese cars,  Honda Luxury car.
Honda Luxury car.

Auto vehicle production is of rather recent interest to Honda (1969), not like the bike one. With over twenty models presently in production (the hottest being the Accord and therefore the CR-V SUV), Honda remains a vital player within the automobile trade, at a world level.


japanese vehicles, Acura Logo.
Acura Logo.

Years: 1986 – present

Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Honda Motor Company, Ltd

Website: http://www.acura.com/

More Information: Acura brand, History and Models

The separate division of the corporate, Acura(Japanese cars), is of early descent. solely based on 1986, the model still sells massively, preponderantly outside Japan.

japanese cars, Acura Sedan.
Acura Sedan

The RDX maintains itself in official and fewer official classifications of high luxury automotive makes around the world.


japanese vehicles, Mitsubishi Motors Logo.
Mitsubishi Motors Logo.

Years: 1970 – present

Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Iwasaki Yatarō

Website: http://www.mitsubishi-motors.com/

More Information: Mitsubishi brand(Japanese cars), History and Models

Another necessary maker from Japan is Mitsubishi, a strong half within the company of the Mitsubishi cluster. the corporate partnered with Daimler-Chrysler in 2000, so as to beat severe money hurdles.

The history of this company was something however peaceful, as many technical issues with a number of the models resulted in large monetary losses. however, newer models, like the cavalryman or the alien, managed to reposition the Mitsubishi name among the necessary automobile corporations.

japanese cars, Mitsubishi SUV.
Mitsubishi SUV.
japanese cars, Mitsubishi SUV.
Mitsubishi SUV.

Famous Pajero is presently one amongst the world’s most acclaimed SUVs, ferociously competitive with Toyota’s Land Cruiser and Nissan’s Patrol.


japanese vehicles, Nissan brand Logo.
Nissan brand Logo.

Years: 1933 – present

Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Founder/Parent Company-  Masujiro Hashimoto, Rokuro Aoyama,  Kenjiro Den, Yoshisuke Aikawa, Meitaro Takeuchi.

Website: http://www.nissan-global.com/

More Information: Jewish calendar month brand, History, and Models(Japanese cars).

Part of the Renault-Nissan alliance, this complete is settled well among the world’s high automobile makers (6th place in 2012), with cars commercialized worldwide. The main market is in China and Russia, because of mergers with the Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Russian Technologies. Recently, it’s revised most of its models and titled all of them terribly} very trendy and appealing manner.

Nissan car
Nissan SUV.

This carmaker from Japan managed to take care of itself amongst the innovative makers, manifesting interest for electrical vehicles and for luxury automotive models moreover.


japanese vehicles, Nissan Leaf brand Logo.
Nissan Leaf brand Logo.

Only oversubscribed in thirty-five countries at the instant, this compact electrical hatchback attracted worldwide attention when its launch in 2010.

japanese cars, Nissan Leaf Charging port.
Nissan Leaf Charging port.
japanese cars, Nissan Leaf car.
Nissan Leaf car.

It is, for the instant, the simplest oversubscribed all-electric automotive (110 000 things oversubscribed till 2014), that is associate degree action deserve mention.


japanese vehicles, Infiniti brand Logo.
Infiniti brand Logo.

Years: 1989 – Present.

Headquarters: Hopewell Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Founder/Parent Company: Jewish calendar month Motor Company

Website: http://www.infiniti.com

More Information: Infiniti History Timeline, necessary Events, and Current Models

Luxurious Infiniti could be a luxury division of Jewish calendar month that adds to its quality. A separate division of Jewish calendar month, Infiniti was based in 1989 and began commercialism its vehicles within the USA, solely to expand throughout successive twenty years to about fifteen countries.

japanese cars, Infiniti Q3 gold.
Infiniti Q3 gold.

Infiniti is something however an inexpensive automotive, however, it doesn’t keep drivers removed from its charms. With presently nine expensive models in production, Infiniti might even accomplish the performance to outdo Lexus, its Toyota equivalent. At least, this is often what high Gear specialists claim.

OTHER ACTIVE automobile makers FROM JAPAN

These square measure another not thus in style cars still factory-made in Japan these days. Since Japanese cars square measure thus renowned, you would possibly grasp a number of these names. however they’re still smaller compared to the foremost in style automakers on top of, thus we’ve placed them down here.


japanese vehicles, Isuzu Logo.
Isuzu Logo.

Years: 1916 – present

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Isuzu Jidōsha Kabushiki-Kaisha

Website: http://www.isuzu.co.jp/world/index.html

Previously called Chiyoda, Isuzu could be an automobile manufacturer that has been within the business of commercialism cars, accessories, parts, and gas and diesel engines for ninety-nine years. The story of Isuzu goes all the manner back to 1916 once a gas service associate degreed a construction and engineering company incorporate to create an automobile manufacturing plant. the corporate focuses on producing business vehicles, however, will have a number of best-selling SUVs and sports cars moreover.

japanese cars, Isuzu SUV.
Isuzu SUV.


japanese vehicles, Daihatsu Logo.
Daihatsu Logo.

Years: 1907 – present

Headquarters: port, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Toyota cluster

Website: http://www.daihatsu.com/

japanese cars, Daihatsu Car.
Daihatsu Car.

Daihatsu Motor business firm, Ltd is the oldest automobile manufacturer in Japan. the corporate is in style for its massive vary of compact cars and cross-country Japanese Cars. it had been initial formally called Hatsudoki Seizo, however later in 1951, it had been renamed as Daihatsu. a number of years when the corporate was renamed, Daihatsu signed associate degree agreement with the Toyota Motor Corporation, that currently owns fifty-one of the company’s shares. Daihatsu, for several years, hasn’t discharged any new vehicle. However, there are rumors that the corporate might get back into the sport within the near future!


japanese vehicles, Scion Logo.
Scion Logo.

Years: 2002 – present.

Headquarters: Torrance, California, US

Founder/Parent Company: Toyota Motor Corporation

Website: http://www.scion.com

japanese cars, Scion Car.
Scion Car.

Scion is one amongst the foremost in style automobile makers that usually works below Toyota for manufacturing vehicles for the North Yankee market. The brand’s main focus is appealing to Generation Y customers and had been quite in style in its early stages. However, the corporate currently looks to be troubled to stay its sales high, thus it’s not rummaging a decent part for currently. however, with its new vehicle soon-to-be discharged this year, WHO is aware of what might happen?


japanese vehicles, Subaru brand Logo.
Subaru brand Logo.

Years: 1953 – present.

Headquarters: Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Kenji Kita, Chikuhei Nakajima

Website: http://www.subaru-global.com/

japanese cars, Subaru Key control.
Subaru Key control.
japanese cars, Subaru car.
Subaru car.

Subaru is that the automobile producing division of the popular company Fuji serious Industries. the corporate is most celebrated for introducing the boxer engine layout and symmetrical all-wheel drive technology. except for this, Subaru is thought primarily for its production of rally cars and even offers turbocharged versions of there in style traveler cars, as well as the gift a pair of.5 GT and therefore the Impreza.


japanese vehicles, Mitsuoka Motors Logo.
Mitsuoka Motors Logo.

Years: 1968 – present.

Headquarters: 508-3, Kakeomachi, Toyama town, Toyama Prefecture, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Akio Mitsuoka

Website: http://www.mitsuoka-motor.com/

Mitsuoka Motors could be a tiny automobile manufacturer that’s placed in Toyama town, Japan. the corporate is in style for manufacturing cars with style cues from British vehicles of the Fifties and Sixties. except for sedans, the corporate conjointly manufactures business vehicles, as well as coaches and buses and even sports cars. Mitsuoka Motors is additionally the first distributor of the foremost in style roadster in Japan, the retro-classic TD2000.


These square measure the defunct Japanese automobile makers that are not any longer living. they’re nonoperative these days, however, a number of these created an enormous contribution towards the automobile trade in Japan.


japanese vehicles, Prince Motor Company Logo.
Prince Motor Company Logo.

Years: 1947 – 1966.

Headquarters: Suginami, Tokyo, Japan

Founder/Parent Company: Not out there

Website: Not out there

The aristocrat Motor Company was shaped because of the results of a merger between 2 craft corporations, particularly Tachikawa and Nakajima craft Company. when the merging of those 2 organizations, the corporation became an associate degree automobile manufacturer and introduced several stunning coupes, sedans, trucks, and wagons. Later, in 1966, the corporate incorporates with the Jewish calendar month. Therefore, the company’s name doesn’t hold price any longer however Jewish calendar month after all does.

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