How the Radiator Coolant Flush is done? How to Drain Coolant?


For draining the cooling system, open the drain at the bottom of the radiator and also a drain on the right side of the cylinder block. Remove the top radiator cap to break any vacuum that may have developed. If the coolant is lost from the system and the engine becomes overheated, do not refill the system immediately but allow the engine to cool or refill slowly while the engine is running, otherwise, there s danger of cracking the cylinder block and head.

Radiator Drain Plug
Radiator Drain Plug
Radiator Coolant Flush
Radiator Drain Plug


For filling the cooling system, remove the radiator cap and fill the tank to the top. Replace the cap and run the engine at medium speed for about one minute. Remove cap and recheck the coolant level. Add more coolant, if necessary, to bring the level back to the top of the tank. If the cooling system is filled when the engine is cold, recheck the coolant level after the engine has warmed up. This will ensure that the thermostat has opened allowing complete system circulation.

A corrosion inhibitor should be used in the cooling system to prevent the formation of rust and scale. Always correct any cooling system leaks before filling anti-freeze. A quality brand anti-freeze containing a corrosion inhibitor should be used. When the antifreeze coolant is drained in the spring, the corrosion inhibitor should be added with the water.

How to Flush Radiator Coolant in a car?

How to Flush Radiator Coolant in a car?

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