What is Front Axle assembly? Types Of Front Axle.

Front Axle Assembly

The front axle is used to carry the weight of the front part of the vehicle as well as to facilitate steering and absorb shocks due to Road surface variations.
dana 44 front axle
Dana 44 Front Axle

It must be right and robust in construction. it is a drop forging steel having 0.4 % carbon steel or 1-3% Nickel Steel. It is made in the structure of I-section in the center area, while the ends are of either circular or elliptical structure. With this construction, it takes bending loads due to a load of the vehicle and also torque due to the breaking of the wheels.

To keep the low chassis heights its Centre person is given a downward Sweep. The different components of the front axle are the axle beam, stub axle, swivel pin, and track rod.

Types Of Front Axle

There are two types of front axles:
  1. Live front axle.
  2. Dead front axle.
The front axles are usually dead axles because they do not rotate, in contrast to the live axles that they are used in the rear axle to transmit power to the rear wheels. A live front axle as compared to the dead axle has the additional function of transmitting the driving power taken from a transfer gearbox to the front wheels having a different swiveling mechanism.
dana 44 front axle
Dana 44 Front Axle

The live front axles although resembling the gear axles have some difference at the axle half shaft ends where the wheels are mounted. The dead front axle has sufficient rigidity and strength to transmit the weight of the vehicle from the string to the front wheels. The ends of the axle beam are shaped suitably to assemble the stub axle. 
dana 44 front axle
Dana 44 Front Axle

In order to accommodate a swivel pin connecting the stub axle portion of the assembly, the ends of the beam are usually shaped either as a yoke or plain surface with a drilled hole.
A typical front axle with the stub axle is shown in figure 33.40. Another front axle assembly with stub axle and track road is shown in figure 33.41. figure 33.42 shows front axle components with steering linkage.

The wheels are mounted on the stub axle which is often pivoted. From the stub axle, the inclined steering arms are connected to the track rod ends, and a third steering arm is attached to the drag link. some vehicles have the drag link placed transversely instead of in the front and at the position in order to allow a more compact vertical design. 
 It is often used in independent wheel Suspension systems. The drag link connects the steering linkage to the drop arm of the steering box.

To understand the Front axle, better watch the animation video below:

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